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What is the future of healthcare? 

New perspectives from quantum science show us that we need to completely re-think our approach to modern health care.

The BodyTalk System is based on the quantum paradigm that everything is energy/consciousness. 

With this approach, we are working with the causal level of  imbalance which can result in illness and disease, rather than the symptom or manifestation level.

“We are coming to understand health not as the absence of disease, but rather as the process by which individuals maintain their sense of coherence (i.e. sense that life is comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful) and their ability to function in the face of changes in themselves and their relationships with their environment.”                    

—Aaron Antonovsky (1987). Unraveling the Mystery of Health: How People Manage Stress and Stay Well

To be human is to be in a state of constant change. MotherEarth_103203509_std

When we are experiencing the flow and purpose of life we are able to cope with almost anything that causes change in our circumstances and environment.  This is known as resilience.

When we feel that we have no control over our life’s direction, our relationships with the people around us and our environment, we experience stress.

Stress is a state of incoherence and imbalance — and the good news is — it can be changed.

Eliminating or reducing your vulnerability to stress can be the key to improving your health and wellbeing.  BodyTalk is a safe, gentle and effective system that can assist you on your journey to health.

Your body is designed to heal itself.

When all parts and systems of the body communicate with each other, healing happens naturally.

However stress, injury and illness can cause communication breakdowns, resulting in discomfort and disease.

BodyTalk identifies these breakdowns and uses a light tapping technique to restore communication, helping the body to heal itself.

“One of the problems in our society is that most peoples’ brains are not working well, certainly nowhere near as well as they should.  Essentially they have been hijacked by the amygdala system, which is the fight-flight system that is designed to keep us alive.

These days, the stresses of living often cause the amygdala to malfunction.”

—Dr John Veltheim. Founder of  The BodyTalk System TM

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