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Shirley Smeaton

• The BodyTalk System 

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• Accunect 

• First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand

• Personal and Distance Sessions

Shirley Smeaton is a Practicing Member of the International BodyTalk Association and a Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner. 

Shirley started working with BodyTalk in 2006 and has completed all of the Advanced BodyTalk training.  

She continues to study and update her skills each year to expand her knowledge and keep up with the latest developments of this amazing system.

BodyTalk Training Completed:

BodyTalk: Fundamentals;  Principles of Consciousness;  Bio-Dynamics;  Macrocosmic BodyMind;  Matrix Dynamics;   TCM (Chinese Medicine);  MindScape;   Advanced Integration;  BodyTalk Interactive;  BreakThrough 1;   BreakThrough 2;  BodyTalk Access; Eastern Medicine; The Soul’s Journey;  BodyTalk Direct; PaRama  

The BodyTalk SystemTM truly offers a new dimension in self care.

BodyTalk recognises that every one of us has a body-mind that has an innate wisdom – an inborn knowing of what it needs to change and, importantly, in what order.  When all parts and systems of the body communicate (“talk”) with each other, change happens naturally.
There appear to be no limits to the conditions that can be addressed with BodyTalk.  It is effective on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, hereditary and environmental.  At a basic level it is the ultimate stress management tool.  At deeper levels it has life-changing potential if you commit to working with it fully.

Shirley Smeaton CBP

Shirley also has knowledge and/or training in the following systems and modalities, which are easily integrated with The BodyTalk System: 


Soul Power Kinesiology (Colour, Kinesiology & Light)

Aura-Soma and Aura Light essences

 Flower essences

Quantum K  


Bodytalk muscle test


 No two BodyTalk sessions are alike; each session is unique to you as an individual and addresses what your ‘priority’ is at that moment.
Many people experience noticeable improvements in their health and well-being in just one or two sessions.

To make an appointment or for further information, contact me.


Shirley Smeaton

Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner

Soul Power Practitioner

Accunect Practitioner

BreakThrough Facilitator

Personal and Distance Sessions


Phone: 027 628 4880
Email: shirley@lifessence.co.nz
Web: http://www.lifessence.co.nz
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